Every now and then I do some painting...

Sometimes inspiration manifests itself and art can be a great way to express it.

Painting is immediate. Once the brush touches the canvas, the paint is there.
And it is final, it cannot be erased.

I love getting lost in the detail and forgetting time and place around me.
Until it is finished

Julia Seiffert - Cherry Cheeks
Apple on Banana puree

“Cycle of Life - Karin's Hibiskus”
Oil + Olive Oil, 2010

"Cyle of Life - Ester's Hibiscus"
Oil + Olive Oil, 2010

Julia Seiffert - Cherry Cheeks
Apple on Banana puree

“Cherry Cheeks”
Oil, 2006

"Apple on Banana Puree"
Oil + Banana Puree, 2009

Julia Seiffert - Asparagus on Tomato Puree
Julia Seiffert - Banana on Raspberry Puree
“Asparagus on Tomato Puree”
Oil + Tomato Puree, 2005

“Banana on Raspberry Puree”
Oil + Raspberry Puree, 2006

Julia Seiffert's Wood Woman
Julia Seiffert's Metal Man
“Wood Woman”
Wood + Oil + Branches, 2004
“Metal Man”
Oil + Alufoil + Nails, 2004

Julia Seiffert's Forrest Woman
“Forrest Woman”
Paint + Acrylic + Oil + Wax + Leaves, 2004
“Cave Man”
(in progress)

Julia Seiffert's Fire Man
Julia Seiffert's Water Woman

“The man is fire”
Paint + Acrylic + Oil + Wax, 2003

“The woman is water”
Paint + Acrylic + Oil + Wax, 2004

Julia Seiffert - My Piercings
Julia Seiffert & Otmar Alt - Man and Tree
“My Piercings”
Acrylic Colour, 2000

“Mensch und Baum” - "Man and Tree"
Collaboration with Otmar Alt, Sommerakademie 1994

Julia Seiffert's Soul
Julia Seiffert's Sky

“Julia (My Soul)”
Acrylic Colour + Oil Paint, 1998

“Every human being is a dried tear
of god turned into a star”
Acryl + Oil + Wax + Sea Salt +
Glass + Mirror + Alu Foil, 1998

Julia Seiffert's Droplets Woman
Julia Seiffert's Droplets Man

“Droplets Painting - Fem.”
Watercolour, 1998

“Droplets Painting - Mask.”
(Soon to be finished -
Soon? Takes me 2 hours per row!)

Julia Seiffert's Spiral in Triangle
Julia Seiffert's Silk Cloth

“Spiral in Triangle”
Silk Cloth in Wood Frame, 1996

Silk Cloth as Lampshade, 1995

Julia Seiffert's Cant Flee from your Past
Julia Seiffert's Poppy

“You cannot flee from your past”
Oil Paint, 1998

“WulfsMohn” - WulfsPoppy”
Oil Paint, 1996

Julia Seiffert's Bottle of Paris
Julia Seiffert's Romeo

"Landweinbild /Leinwandbild" -
"A bottle of wine filled with our trip to Paris"
Oil Paint + Photographs, 1998

Watercolour, 1995

Julia Seiffert's They Stick Together
Julia Seiffert's Pregnant
“They're stuck together”
Watercolour, 1997
“Schwanger” - “Pregnant”
Watercolour, 1995

Julia Seiffert's Big Toy
Julia Seiffert's Skew Woman

“Now, that's a big toy"
Water colours, 1998

“Skew Woman”
Pastel + Tipp Ex, 1996

Julia Seiffert's Polz
Julia Seiffert's Happy Fish

Opaque Water Colours + Music Instrument Pieces, 1997

“The story about the happy fish”
Opaque Water Colours, 1997

Julia Seiffert's Journey is the Reward
Julia Seiffert's Dream
“Der Weg is das Ziel” -
“The Journey is the Reward”
Opaque Water Colour, 1996
“Drifting into a Dream”
Opaque Water Colour, 1995

Julia Seiffert's Surprised
Julia Seiffert's One-sided Communication

part of stage set for theatre performance, 1995

“One-sided Communication”
part of stage set for theatre performance, 1995

Julia Seiffert's Cold Water
Julia Seiffert's Mural Painting
“Erleben von kaltem Wasser in einer Schuessel” –
“Experiencing cold water in a bowl”
Opaque Water Colour, 1993
“Wandmalerei” - “Mural Painting”
Acrylic Colour, 1994


Julia Seiffert's Alien Dancer
Julia Seiffert's Selfportrait

Alien Dancer

Selfportrait (Mirror Image) -
"Always had to take care of myself"





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